“Why in the world call my blog The Wild Ox? Simple. The wild ox is an ancient symbol of strength, and the harnessing of the ox is a metaphor for accelerated growth and change.

Change requires the recognition that something new is needed, old ways must be changed out or leveled up. If we are to grow, we must do things differently. Harnessing the wild ox enabled humankind to achieve goals that were previously unimaginable. It accelerated growth in agriculture and transportation, significantly changing how “being human” was done.

Successful change respects the wild ox, the raw potential, within each person and organization. Harnessing that potential can enable us to realize our dreams, unleashing strength and skill toward our goals. The transformation might be about any number of things at the start – leadership, workplace profitability, personal promotability, community action… And, it can be bigger, about our legacy and the footprint we want to make over the long run.

So, what raw potential are you overlooking? Or afraid of? Or just plain sitting on? Imagine knowing how to access it, to use it for your wellbeing, your profit, your transformation… Imagine transforming your business, your organization, your community, removing limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviors, to stand before your goals in full confidence…

We are here to help you realize your potential, to walk alongside on the journey. Contact us for a free half-hour consult.

To your success,

Signature block Dr Melanie Ohm