Dr. Melanie Ohm, CEO

“Melanie is a joy to work with – meticulously prepared, creative, responsive and collaborative. She is by far the best facilitator I have ever worked with.”

C.J. Eisenbarth HagerAssociate Director, Community Health Policy, St. Luke’s Health Initiatives

“Melanie is an innovative thinker. She broadens the experiences of many who are involved in business with her by building collaborative environments, being trustworthy, hardworking and creative. She inspires others to see how their work matters in the larger scope of community.”

Vivian (Wessel) Highton, MBA, Strategy and Business Development ConsultingFormer executive director, Arizona Alliance for Arts Education

“Melanie Ohm is the type of person who comes immediately to mind when I think, What type of person would I most like to work with, on any project? She is personable, incredibly talented, conscientious, thorough, easy-to-get-along-with, and absolutely passionate about everything she does (which is a lot!).”

Daniel SchneckProfessor of Engineering Science and Mechanics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

My work has evolved from a background in the social sector, business, university-community leadership and the performing arts. Concepts Consulting Group, Inc. has been my business since 2007, and everything I learned from my practiced excellence in a number of disciplines informs my enterprise today. That includes 7 years in the commercial insurance industry early on, many years dedication to achieving a doctorate in music and performance (DMA) while performing and teaching, and 10 years establishing a nationally recognized arts partnerships office at Arizona State University. I aspire to purposeful relationships that accomplish real work, work that benefits individuals, their organizations, and the communities of which they are a part. I work side by side with leaders and developing leaders, through facilitation and consultation, to empower communication, build teams around work, and create an environment for organizations and individuals to take action, with planning and assessment for sustainable results.

My abilities include focus on detail with an eye to the broader context and a talent for collaboration in diverse environments, through facilitation, strategic visioning, planning and development, training and experiential learning in interdisciplinary contexts, documentation, assessment, reporting, program and training design, and the arts for human development. My experience encompasses organizational development, coalitions, and communities of practice. Facilitation in various settings includes focus groups, residencies, retreats, workshops, arts for human development and conferences with a variety of collaborative processes that may include the arts.