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Our unique approach integrates training, coaching and consulting to bring new opportunity to your organization, your career, your life.

Dr. Maggie Mangini has dedicated her life to teaching and learning, education leadership, research, and workforce development focused on assessment, workplace skills, and professional development.

Dr. Melanie Ohm headshot

Dr. Melanie Ohm is known for her diverse and transformative approaches to human development, including facilitation, training, coaching, and curriculum design.


Are you looking to achieve a goal or change a mindset? Perhaps gain clarity on who you are in life or work?

Partnering with a coach can help you move to the understanding and results you’ve been longing for. What if you could—

  • Clean house – personally, occupationally, financially?
  • Make tough decisions and take action on them?
  • Lay out a plan for your secret dreams?
  • Have support dealing with the unexpected?
  • Or, reignite a sense of purpose after long hibernation?

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